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Dover Youth Lacrosse Fundraisers

Ongoing Fundraisers

You can also go to this Link - Scrip Gift Cards

This is an easy fundraising opportunity to take advantage of, and will be ongoing. 100% Of the profits from any gift cards that you sell will be credited toward your players registration costs.

The attached document has all the details you will need to get started. Keep in mind - you can share this information with as many of your friends / family members who wish to support you. They simply need to put your player's name in the appropriate spot when setting up their account, and you will get credit for their purchases as well!

**Any funds earned above the registration cost will go to the club. No reimbursements will be issued for any monies earned above the cost of a players registration.     

Please feel free to contact Crystal Wilcox if you have any questions.

Instructions for Scrip Gift Cards

What is Scrip?
Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop. This amazingly successful fundraising program has worked for thousands of sports teams, athletic booster clubs and other non-profits! Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for your team or booster club when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (like gas and groceries) instead of the usual credit/debit card or cash.
The Basics of a Scrip Program
You buy retail gift cards through your scrip program at face value.
You choose from nearly 400 national retail stores where you already shop.
The club buys the gift cards at 1-13% less than face value (varies by retailer).
The difference between face value and what you pay = earnings and is given directly to your player.
Fundraising for your lacrosse fees has begun!

Here an example
On average, the Smith family spends $500 on groceries and $200 on gas per month. Rather than using her credit or debit card in the checkout line or at the pump, Mrs. Smith purchases an equivalent amount of gift cards through her childs Dover Youth Lacrosse Club Scrip Fundraiser program. On average, a 5% rebate is earned, and DYL is giving you 100% of this to offset your childs registration costs!
How it works: We will only be processing orders online through Scrip, and only for ScripNow e-gift cards. No physical gift cards will be shipped to you. Please create your own account, and set up presto pay to complete payment for your order.

Earning Timeline:

Any funds earned above the registration cost will go to the club. No reimbursements will be issued for any monies earned above the cost of a players registration.

How to get started:
1. Go to
2. Click Sign in
3. Click Get started
4. It will have 2 options (Join a Scrip program or Start your own). Click Join a Scrip Program
5. Enter the Dover Youth Lacrosse Club enrollment code: CEC75L5255735
6. You will be prompted to set up an account. User Name, Password, info etc.
7. PLEASE enter your players name(s) in the Student Name field.
8. Leave the Classroom/Group field blank.
9. DONT FORGET to set up PrestoPay on your account to pay for your orders and follow their instructions (The link to PrestoPay can be found on the left-hand side by clicking on Family Functions)
Here is a link to the User Guide to help answer any questions:
Please contact Crystal Wilcox at or 717-805-0605 with any additional questions.

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